March 10, 2013

Digital resources: LinkTally, Moat and Kurrently

Last month, I started a project here on maktion called +Resources which is a living document and lists down useful links at one place under 5 categories: Digital Stats, Trends & Reports, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Analytics and SEO. The purpose of this page is to be a one-stop link resource for good digital content. I keep adding new links on a regular basis based on what I read, others share and some even email me. It's like my online bookmark folder and I keep going back to it to refer to either some stats or some best practices. On the web, there's a simple philosophy which says 'sharing is caring', and I ask myself if maktion won't add any value to you, then why would you would ever come to this blog in the first place, right? I'm glad that some of you appreciate the effort in maintaining the +Resources page. That means a lot to me!

Usually, I just update the +Resources page and then leave it as it is. In the last few days I came across some good digital resources and I thought to write a little about them. Plus, you will see the sources which might help you to understand that you really can gain a lot out of twitter by simply following the right people from your chosen field. I've always been a strong advocate of using twitter not just for fun but also for your polishing your skill sets and staying ahead of the curve by being informed.

The 3 digital resources that I found useful are LinkTally, Moat and Kurrently. Can't make out anything from their names? Don't worry, I've explained them below.

LinkTally shows how many times was that URL shared? I tried this online tool and although I'm not sure whether it's accurate but you can try it considering it's from HubSpot. Try some URLs whose stats you have and if it shows less than 10% deviation from those numbers on a consistent basis, than I would say this is a good tool to know how many times was your URL shared. AddThis also provides a similar feature but there you have to place some codes which appends a crude code after your URL making it appear ugly.

Moat shows website banner and display ads which can be searched by brands. I am aware one of Nielsen's  paid product shows you your competitors display banners but that's a paid tool. I found Moat to be useful because it's free and whatever brands I searched for, it gave me the latest results which were considerably alright. Just make sure you spell the name of the brand correctly.

Kurrently shows real-time social search and monitoring across Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Although I won't say this is the most extensive tool available as there are big names out there but for simple real-time social search you can consider this online tool. I tried some keywords and it gave me a fairly good listing across all 3 networks.

If you found these digital resources useful or if you recently came across something useful which others might benefit from, then do leave a comment below.

Keep sharing,

Image Source: AZIPL