March 9, 2013

Kids taking center stage in technology marketing?

Last week, I came across 2013's most awaited smartphone - the Samsung Galaxy S4's first teaser video on YouTube. Like every time, they stunned me once again and it wasn't about highlighting technology or any product feature. This time in an attempt to build up some curiosity before their mega unveiling on March 14, Samsung adopted a different route to market their flagship. In their first teaser, they show a kid who is driven to the Samsung Office and gets delighted upon seeing the Samsung UNPACKED box. There's a 'wow' moment and I don't remember such a concept used for any mobile phone unveiling before. Samsung have gone a step ahead and are clearly looking to create an emotional connect that its nearest competitor has managed to build since several years. Clever ad!

I discussed this ad with my friend Romy (@RomyKosta) and even he liked it and asked me back if I had seen the Microsoft Windows 8 ad? I said 'No' and he shared the link with me and boy, another impressive technology ad with a kid taking the center stage. Have a look at both the ads below:

Samsung Galaxy S4

Microsoft Windows 8

What do you think? Are kids taking center stage in technology marketing? Leave a comment below, and also mention which other brands can you think of on similar lines.



  1. Yes, indeed! Kids are getting involved! Very good detail you noticed! I think we're gonna get iPads for grade 12, next year. The principle said so! We ARE getting involved! It has both advantages and everything! :D


    1. That's wonderful to hear B. You have a great tech future ahead of you, make the most of it!

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