April 20, 2013

Impact: Infographic Education in India #12thPlan

It's been more than 10 days since I blogged on the infographic and the response has been thrilling! A quick look at the numbers (April 8 - 19, 2013):

 820  Blog Pageviews
 601  Infographic Downloads
 143  Times Blog Link Shared
 138  Comments on Blog, Facebook and Twitter
   96  Likes on Facebook and LinkedIn
     2  Press Coverage

On any other day, my regular blog posts receive 100 or maybe 200 pageviews at the best in a week's time but the previous post on the Infographic on Education in India received a phenomenal response. I'm used to seeing much higher numbers at work, but this leap on maktion is special for me in many ways. It reinforced that size doesn't matter, what really works on the web is good content. You must've heard 'content is king', well that's really true! The underlying objective of every post that I write here is to add some value to you, and maybe even inspire you to be creative. Maktion was started with the idea to spread creativity and I'm glad it's spreading it in the right way. Trust me, it feels satisfying to see the blog grow and catch everyone's attention for the right reason. For me, the positive word-of-mouth is a greatest achievement and it motivates me to give even more.

Here's the analytics scorecard to briefly illustrate the impact:

  • Blog's traffic spiked on April 8 and 9 and the average time on page went up
  • Blog link was shared heavily on twitter & liked by many on their Facebook wall
  • Infographic was downloaded 600+ times from 17 countries and still counting

These are numbers just from this blog, the actual number of infographic views and downloads are likely to be much higher as the Planning Commission has put it up on their website and had also informed us that they would showcase the infographic at various Government bodies and seminars.

Voice on Twitter: 
The string of congratulations and the feedback on the infographic from folks from India and around the world was very encouraging:

And this was epic - even some brands congratulated on the achievement:

A lot of folks saw, read and generously shared the infographic with their followers on twitter. I would like to thank each one of you for taking the infographic ahead, that meant a lot to me:

Even the folks from Government of India and those related with the Education sector appreciated and told me that they will be sharing it among their circles:

And then:

Press Coverage:

 | April 11, 2013
Mumbai hackathon decodes 12th five year plan

AOne of the winners, Arif Khan who received the first prize in the visualizations category for his infographic 'Education in India in 12th year plan' wrote about his experiences on his blog: "We were given 32 hours to go through all the reports and PDFs, analyze, do whatever we wanted in order to use for our submission. It was tough as with no prior knowledge we had to first read those documents (Excel spreadsheets, PPT and PDF), then understand the flow followed by some analysis and finally create a story out of it." Khan created the infographic after reading through the documents provided. "I chose to showcase the current scenario of education in India and connect it with the 12th Plan objectives."

Firspost India | April 11, 2013
Planning Commission's hackathon: Good start, but what next?

In infographics/visualisation, the winner was Arif Khan, from team ‘macktion’ His visualisation called Education in India, highlighted the key issues plaguing India’s education, and also showed what the 12th Plan hopes to achieve in terms of targets. The Planning Commission will be using all the winning entries from the various institutes as part of its efforts to disseminate the 12th Five-year Plan.

The 12th Plan Hackathon was indeed a wonderful experience right from the word 'Go!' It wasn't easy to stay awake for 35 hours continuously and dig through data and PDFs to come out with a simple communication. Data alone can be boring and my challenge that night was to convert it into something which was easy to comprehend, consume and share. In the end, it was some energy, creativity and your wishes which allowed me to create a captivating story. I really enjoyed the experience and all I can say it's been a good journey for maktion in last 5 years and it continues to be admired by old and new readers alike and even got mentioned on the Government of India's website!

Some folks asked what'll I do with the prize money? Well, that wasn't a tough call as I'm committed to spread creativity in whatever way I can and I've decided to use the entire amount for organizing a creativity content here on maktion. For those who're new, we had a great contest@maktion back in 2011 with a judge from Canada and real prizes were given to 4 winners! After the contest, two creative guys approached me to sponsor some contests for encouraging creativity among the youth. I was very touched by their gesture. Coming back, the How? When? What? will be shared later but the core theme remains to spread creativity. I'll share more on this once things get finalized. If you have good ideas or would be interested in sponsoring a creativity content, then feel free to contact me. And, if you have a minute, then I would like to hear from you in the comments section below.

Click here to see the Infographic | Download the Infographic | Tweet to share the infographic

Finally in all this, I once again re-learnt what I have always believed in - to make it happen.
I leave you with this tweet, retweet if you like it.

Be creative,


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