April 4, 2013

Maktion turns 5! Thank you for your support.

Today, maktion turned 5. That's special for me as maktion is not just a blog, it's much more. I spent almost two months coming up with the name maktion which readers have now started remembering. Two days back I met my French college friend after six years for dinner and among the first 3 questions he asked me, one was "How's maktion going? Tell me more about it!" We live in a world where folks forget other's names yet there are some who remember my blog's name. That feeling was priceless. Here, I blog about diverse things like marketing, digital, twitter, education and some personal notes but the underlying theme of all post is creativity. To me, maktion is a medium to make others experience creativity.

I read all the comments posted here, receive separate emails and even mentions on twitter. It's a nice feeling when folks remember and share what they feel, and how has maktion helped them? It gives me an opportunity to improve this blog and my posts. I won't add much and will leave you with some of the 'prized tweets' across cultures and countries to share what maktion has achieved in the last 5 years:

What lies ahead? Apart from your job (or studies), in order to keep your creative juice flowing, I always encourage folks to actively take part in as many diverse activities as possible. Whether it's a competition, a volunteering activity, a nature camp or simply helping someone for free - all these opportunities allow you to revisit your creative capabilities and trust me, they give immense satisfaction. This is what maktioning has been all about since the last 5 years. I am sharing some of the activities lined up for April 2013:

I hope with these small stories on maktion, you find some inspiration and listen to your inner calling. Go on, look for something that really excites you, that makes you more creative and take part. Take that step. Lastly, I thank you all for your continuous support! This means a lot and motivates me to give more here, and something back to our society.

Stay creative,

Image Source: KRMR


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