April 5, 2013

Social Samosa Mumbai #ssmeetup & my twitter card!

Hey there! As I mentioned in my post yesterday about maktion turning 5 (wait, you still don't know that? Then first go and read that!), in order to keep my creative juice flowing I have some activities lined up for April and today was Social Samosa Mmbai Meetup #ssmeetup at Mocha Mojo  in Bandra (West). Now, I've known Social Samosa since its inception and have been a regular reader of their posts. While some posts are short and fun to read, some are simply fab. I often read their social media strategy reviews and interviews as it gives an in-depth analysis which helps you learn and pick up sound ideas. I often tweet their posts which I feel would add value to others. I think I am their fan! *chuckles*

Coming back to the meetup, I had a great time today evening connecting with the founders of Team Social Samosa, two of whom I know since long - Ankita (@ankitagaba) and Rakesh (@RakeshTheKumar). Their spirit is commendable and the desire to make Social Samosa India's #1 social media blog is fab. I really wish them good luck. I was told that more than 300 folks registered and I could see almost 130-150 folks in person which I think is huge for a first meetup. There was no agenda as such and Ankita announced that the meetup was being held to bring everyone together so that you can know who's who of social media in Mumbai and eventually help this industry grow. An impressive vision!

I met a lot of folks from different agencies (almost 18-20) and I could feel how the pulse of the new breed of social media professionals in my interaction with them. Some of them discussed digital marketing, while some talked about what they're doing in social media and a few asked me good practices in SEO. It was a good opportunity to converse and cross-learn. That is one reason why I enjoy such meets as it gives you a casual environment to talk, discuss and learn from one another. Some folks also told me that they know me on twitter and follow my blog closely which brought a smile and one went on to say I look like a researcher! Plus, I got my hands on Rakesh's new Nexus 4 - boy it was such an awesome smartphone with an excellent UI and some amazing camera capabilities. Hope it comes to India soon as has been reported.

Like every time, I thought of doing something different for this meetup. I always believe that the best ideas are simple, creative and direct and so quickly designed a small visiting card before leaving office and took print outs on the way to have them ready in my pocket. I gave this card after conversing with many folks there and everyone loved this card. Some even looked back at me awestruck! I met the guy who's handling Pepsi India's social account and he said to his friend "While we are giving creative cards to do networking, this guy is one step ahead. He's doing business, he's conversing!" (Note: these may not be the exact words as there was loud music playing there but this was the essence). A guy even said "Dude, you've nailed it!"

Updated: The two tweets below were embedded on April 6

So, what exactly ran in my mind during those 15 odd minutes in which I designed the card? Simple - I believe in the power of conversations and with over 70,000+ tweets, I have spent considerable time observing and understanding the deeper layers of social media and how things really work. Trust me, I can talk on this and won't bore you a bit. I didn't want to give my company card as I was attending this meetup in my personal capacity and so, I asked in my head what are the important things for this event and how can I pass a simple message so that the person opposite can remember me? The answers were pretty simple:

  • The event hashtag #ssmeetup was the common connector among all tweeting about it
  • The message idea "let's connect and converse"
  • My twitter handle @arifkhan7

I combined all three in a visual and came up with a simple card. It was easy for me as I've done many such quick activities in the past. The moment I saw the color printouts at the store, I smiled as I knew in 30 minutes I came out with something that differentiates and was worth remembering. In one of my earlier posts on the Thank You card I had mentioned that make your final moment a little memorable. Do something that will be remembered. I live by that code. Just like real-time marketing, this was my attempt at real-time networking! Take a look at the card below:

Lastly, I must share that I am blogging all this from an auto on my way back home. I had to blog quickly as tomorrow I'll have to rush to Government of India's 12th Plan Hackathon #12thPlan at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai at morning for a 31 hour hackathon. I have participated in the category: visualizations / infographics and will blog about that separately.

I would like to hear about your experience at the meetup in the comments section below. And did you like my twitter card? You are most welcome to replicate it and use but I hope you picked up some cues on how to think creatively in quick time. That's more important.

Keep meeting and tweeting,


  1. Simply awesome and a capture of entire #SSMeetup covered amazingly here. And must say your card idea is just too good to write anything about it would be wrong :D

  2. interesting :) and brilliant! i am going to bother you for more on the card. i have wanted to do something like this for a personal pursuit. i look fwd to your hackathon blog.

    1. Thank you V. These small creativities really drive me. I'm always here to help thru maktion. :)

  3. Dude you just made the meetup awesome with your presence. You pwned all the social media biggies and I was so glad to have you at the meetup.

    And again, I am thankful to you for being the reason behind my joining Social Samosa.

    Keep maktioning!

    1. Lol. Well that wasn't the objective, I just thought to leave a mark. You guys did a fab job and I'll look forward to attend more. And yes, we should have some activities too.

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