May 2, 2013

Bill Gates welcomes Warren Buffett on twitter, real-time opportunity for @CocaCola

May 2: Today, five years of professional life passed just like that but did some meaningful work, met some of the finest people and learned along. I'm thankful to those who stood by me and bore my crazy ideas. Back in 2008 when I started working I knew the fundamentals of Marketing, the 4 P's, etc like any other B-school grad. But, throughout my entire study period I've been fascinated by the web and have observed it from close quarters. Today, a lot has changed and it's the era of real-time marketing, i.e. on the go! If you can't think fast and write short, then you're certain to miss out in the big game. Twitter helps me exactly here. It allows me to think fast and identify unseen patterns which can be connected to make some sense, at best a story.

While I was reading my twitter timeline, I came to know someone big joined twitter. Someone whom we read a lot about in B-school. Ask any B-school grad if s/he knows Warren Buffet and you'll get a straight "Yes!" Warren Buffett is a business magnate who's considered one of the most successful investor of the 20th century. He's the #4 Forbes Billionaire and among the 15 most powerful people who gave away his fortune to charity, chiefly to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. There's just so much we've heard and read about him and it felt amazing when I saw his first tweet. As if this wasn't enough, a lot of famous folks welcomed Warren on twitter and one of my favorite Bill Gates wished him too in a rather interesting photo-tweet! See their tweets and also note the number of retweets:

As soon as I saw Bill's photo-tweet, my eyes went straight to the object on the table - the bottle of Coke and "ting", the Marketer in me woke up! For a second I thought if I were handling Coca-Cola's (@cocacola) twitter account, this was a great opportunity to make a real-time story by retweeting Bill's tweet along with Warren's handle with their hashtag #Happiness. Trust me, this could have been Coke's Oreo moment! I tweeted to ask if someone else also observed this? It seemed Jim (@jimprosser) from twitter thought similar and even gave a tagline for the moment! See tweets:

For all these years, marketing has been my true love. I'm just so passionate about coming out with something that can instantly "wow!" my target audience. Sometimes its works, sometimes it doesn't. And when it doesn't then that's a challenge in hand where we may need to refine our messaging, enhance visuals and even figure out the best timing to send it out. This reminded me of a tweet by a well known Mumbai blogger Neha (@NehaT_) who pretty much summed it up in 140.

Remember, real winners will be those conquer real-time.

Think fast,

Image Source: iWallScreen


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