May 12, 2013

I drank milk, cleaned my house and had good food. Happy Mother's Day!

Whenever I sit and think about the best days of my life, I can only visualize those moments from my childhood where my Father, Mother, Sister and I were together. Whether it was over the morning breakfast table, or going out to shop, or celebrating Eid or when our parents dropped us to school in our Maruti 800 car — every moment where we shared responsibilities, happiness, joy and sorrows together was special for me. I never realized it back then but now when we have grown up and moved away from our parents for work, I often remember these moments when I'm travelling back to home, or sitting near the balcony or when I'm at the beach. These moments flash in front of my eyes and I cherish them close to my heart. They will always be the best days of my life.

When we were kids she would serve us hot milk twice  once at morning before school and at evening once we came back from the playground. She always asked us to eat our meals on the dining table where everyone would be together even if it meant missing our favorite TV show. When we had holidays she would ask us to arrange our room which included everything from changing bedsheets, to arranging our cupboard and cleaning the stereo and computer peripherals. Even today, whenever my Ammi calls me she first asks if I've eaten proper food or not? She also reminds me to drink milk and juices and to keep my house clean.  Of course, when I was small all this used to seem a bit too much but now I cherish those moments. I feel through all this she gave me some very valuable lessons in order to survive in the world. All acts may appear small but trust me they taught me how to be self-disciplined, how to take care of myself, how to live a good life, and how to be a good human being. Even as I'm writing this I can see her on my screen and all I want to say is that I drank milk, cleaned my house and had good food. Thank you for being supportive and an inspiration. I just want to tell you that you're the best and I love you Ammi! In the last couple of days, I've developed some strange fondness for Giraffes and I leave you my Giraffe tweets. Hope you like them, especially the third one.

And if by any chance, a tear came out from your eyes then here's something to cheer you up. In the tweet below, just click the play button and watch the amazing Giraffe animation video!

To all the awesome Moms out there — Happy Mother's Day, today and everyday.


Image Sources: Google's Mother Day, Baby Giraffe, Baby Giraffe drinking bottle milk, Mother's Day in the Animal Kingdom


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