August 9, 2013

Eid Mubarak! — Celebrating with family, sewayein and #ChennaiExpress

Today is Eid-ul-fitr in India, the biggest festival among Muslims which marks the ending of the holy month of Ramzan where one has to fast for 30 days along with observing Islamic rituals. For me, this month reinforces discipline in me as we have to follow a specific routine right from dawn till dusk. My friends ask me how do I manage to fast the whole day? Don't I feel hungry and thirsty? Well, I've always said that it's in the mind. It's your will which comforts you during the fasting hours which doesn't make it feel like a burden as it may appear to many.

Physiologically, the body takes 2 or 3 days to adjust, but that's it, after that we actually enjoy the month of Ramzan. It brings all of us closer to the Almighty and to our family and friends. Basically, it's our "be good" period (not that we shouldn't be round the year!) This year I turned 30 on which I crafted the New M and I will be lucky to witness not one but two Eids before I turn 31! How? Well, I turned 30 on August 4 and Eid is today on August 9. As the Islamic calendar follows a lunar calendar, the dates keep advancing every year by almost 10 days, so next year Eid is likely to fall before August 4. What does this mean? You can say, I'll get to be doubly blessed! Haha. On a serious note, although it was tough to balance work life and observing Ramzan in parallel, I did try my best and enjoyed the whole month. Such is the adaptation, that we won't feel hungry for the next 4-5 days till we get back to our regular routine.

I enjoy Eid the most with my parents at our home in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Yesterday, I had an important social media campaign to handle for the whole day and by the end it almost became a situation where I was about to miss my train from Mumbai to home. The following tweets in jiffy will explain:

Thankfully, I had luck on my side and I made it just in time for the train to Ahmedabad. The next day we reached home and it felt awesome being at home! As on every Eid, we got up early and went for the Eid namaz (prayers) to the Jumma Masjid. It's a special sight as everyone - rich or poor come together in their new clothes and sit shoulder-to-shoulder to listen to Maulan sa'ab. We all then go into prayers and after finishing hug each other three times saying Eid Mubarak. A lot of poor people come for alms and your heart melts seeing them, so it feels good to gracefully give them something as the Almighty has already given us so much. After the prayers, it was time for the feast and at home delicious sewayein, chhole, samose, dahi-bade, kebabs, mutton-korma and biryani were waiting. I have two photos to share below how a typical Eid dining table looks like. Please forgive me if you find this tempting and are working right now! Haha.

Till now it was afternoon and we were busy in the preparations are serving guests who come especially for the sewayein and biryani. This goes all day long and then I checked twitter to find so many wishes that the iPhone notification bar looked jammed. I replied to all of them individually and then made the #maktion2013 doodle for Eid. I hope you noticed it in the header area. If not, scroll up!

As if all this wasn't enough, my Father gave me a special eidi today - Chennai Express movie show tickets which released in India today. This was the most unique eidi I have ever received and as our family enjoys watching Shah Rukh Khan movies. So many friends are sending their messages on the review and I royally ignored all of them along with the review tweets as when it comes to SRK, I prefer enjoying the movie first hand! Good or bad, you have very little chance of spoiling my fun!

BTW, some of you don't know a secret! Where do you think Shah Rukh copied the Chennai Express train scene from? Take a look below, haha:

So, that was it for now. I can hear my Mother calling me as more guests have started arriving, and the celebration will just go on and on till late night. From all of us here, Eid Mubarak!

Updated: August 10, 2013

We boarded #ChennaiExpress on Saturday, August 10, my review (no spoilers):

  • SHAH ROCKS!! In CE, SRK makes you laugh, laugh, laugh & in the end cry.. A true Indian film, made in India, by India, for India! Hats off to Rohit and Deepika. 
  • Why you should watch CE? Because you want 1. Laughable entertainment, and 2. You have emotions. If 1 & 2 not in you, don't.
  • Perfect movie dekhna hai to ghar baithke Discovery dekho. Aur agar life mein achchi family entertainment chahiye, to Chennai Express dekho! 
  • Waise bhi yahan bahut sare perfectionists ho chuke hain. Hamein to bas dal, chawal aur Chennai Express jaisi simple entertainment chahiye 
  • Frankly, you don't have to be a Shah Rukh Khan fan to enjoy CE. Put your intellect and biases in a closet and just go, enjoy those 2 hours with your family. 
  • And those who are SRK fans, ille... Chennai Express second time kabbam? 
  • Final verdict: Chennai Express is running faster than Japan's Bullet Train, powered by SRK-Engine on full steam and fire! We enjoyed a lot, you too will. Ready steady po, just go, go, go!
  • A few tweets to celebrate #RecordExpress for fun:

Be blessed,


  1. Eid Mubarak to the entire Khan family. At this point of time I can only say, Party has just begun and its going to follow for many more days.....
    So enjoy the festival followed by ChennaiExpress.

    Wishes and Warm Regards to One and All

    Sumit, Monika and Soumiran

    1. Thank you Sumit for the warm wishes! Eid Mubarak to you and your family. :)

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